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Learn Astrology: Aspects & Compatibility

Have you ever googled "Which signs are compatible with (enter your Sun sign here)?" only to get a list of other signs with no explanation whatsoever? In my experience, trying to memorize random information is the worst way to learn something. Instead, let me assure you that astrological compatibility can be understood and put into practice in your everyday experiences. Learning about compatibility is great for dating, business partnerships, friendships, and mending family bonds -- literally any relationship can be bettered with this information in your tool belt. 
Compatibility in astrology shouldn't be used to help us find a partner, but rather to help us understand the challenges that we'll face with any given person, and to give us guidance to work through these issues. Just because some pairings are 'more compatible' than others doesn't mean they'll definitely work out. All couples face challenges. Every partnership features a unique dynamic becaus…

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